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2022 Webinars

Mental Health in Pandemic Times:
A Yogic Perspective on Not Just Making it Through


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As we can all see, the pandemic has changed our lives for the past 2 years and it will continue to do so. Our medical and mental health systems are bursting. The mental health strain that everyone has been feeling with the anxieties about the pandemic, climate events, and ever-changing schedules, mandates, and information about our schools, jobs, and family life is taking its toll. Addiction, depression, and anxiety are on the rise. Mental health providers are in very high demand. And, they, too, are facing these enormous concerns.

How can we help ourselves and our clients in managing all of this? From where are we going to build more stamina or resilience? It can’t be purchased on Amazon!

Yoga and Psychology

Yoga is not just a stretching and breathing practice. It is a holistic, integrated, physiological, psychological, and spiritual toolkit designed to prepare each of us for the challenges that life will bring.

The practices and the psychology of yoga offer us a tremendous amount of grounding and give us direction in supporting ourselves and our clients with the personal, interpersonal, and transpersonal dilemmas that we are all facing.

About the Webinar

In this webinar, Sarahjoy will talk with you about how yoga’s physiological, psychological and philosophical teachings can both supercharge your toolkit as a health provider and help you to resolve the stress and strain of providing your services day in and day out during times of such upheaval.

Sarahjoy will include questions like:

  • What defines mental health?
  • What are reliable mental health tools that we can rely on and teach our clients to utilize and integrate into their lives?
  • What does a trauma-informed approach look like when the traumas are continually arising?
  • How do we cultivate stamina, sustainability, and spirituality for ourselves and for our clients?

This webinar is for you if you’re a mental health provider or a yoga teacher (or you are passionate about your self-growth journey) and you’ve been feeling burned out, isolated, overwhelmed, and curious about adding a resiliency toolkit to your life that includes your body and your well-being.

About Sarahjoy Marsh


Certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation. While fundamentally informed by the teachings of yoga, Sarahjoy also masterfully integrates her training in Western therapy and mental health, interpersonal counseling, neurobiology, reciprocal muscle inhibition, and kinesiology. She has an unwavering belief in people’s innate goodness and their capacity to re-awaken to their potential.

Sarahjoy has a Masters in Counseling and has been training yoga teachers, yoga outreach volunteers, and mental health providers, including clinical psychologists and social workers, in the tools of yoga therapy for 22 years. She is a student and scholar of yoga with 27 years of professional teaching experience and 30 years of yogic study. From her extensive background, Sarahjoy created “amrita yoga”, a form of vinyasa yoga that integrates Ayurveda, mindfulness, neuroscience, yoga philosophy and psychology, pranayama, and physical therapy. She also created Yoga + Social Justice integrating yoga, mindfulness, trauma-informed care, personal, intergenerational + cultural inquiry, and bringing yoga into the marginalized communities including Oregon’s prison system.