Yoga Teacher Training Series

2022 Webinars

A Whole Yoga Approach to Teaching


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Yoga has its roots in an underlying and guiding view of wisdom, consciousness, and grace. It reveals to us the truth of our inner nature as peace or presence. When we glimpse that, it transforms us.

This feels so amazing in our lives and is so helpful in so many ways that naturally there emerges a desire to share, to teach, to give back, or to help make yoga accessible to more people.

Yet, a question emerges: How do you teach YOGA when you’re teaching a yoga class? Since so many people associate yoga primarily with the physical asana practice, there is a temptation to think that learning to teach yoga will be mostly learning to teach asana. While it is very important to learn to safely teach people how to do yoga asana, it is more transformative for you as a teacher (and for your students) if you’re teaching yoga: the whole yoga.

The depth of yoga can be understood by beginners. It can be missed by intermediate or even advanced students. It depends on how we’re studying or how we’re taught. Therefore, as a teacher, it is essential to teach YOGA when you’re teaching yoga.

About the Webinar

In this webinar, Sarahjoy will share the core principles of amrita yoga and her 25 plus years of trauma-informed methodology for teaching yoga classes to all levels of students in a wide variety of settings. She will illustrate the central teachings of yoga philosophy that even new teachers can bring into their classes to help ensure that YOGA is being taught beyond asana.

Sarahjoy will also share important information about the teacher-student relationship so that teachers new to teaching yoga will feel confident, grounded, inspired, and at ease in themselves when teaching.

About Sarahjoy Marsh


Certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, and author, is a vibrant, compassionate catalyst for transformation. While fundamentally informed by the teachings of yoga, Sarahjoy also masterfully integrates her training in Western therapy and mental health, interpersonal counseling, neurobiology, reciprocal muscle inhibition, and kinesiology. She has an unwavering belief in people’s innate goodness and their capacity to re-awaken to their potential.

Sarahjoy has a Masters in Counseling and has been training yoga teachers, yoga outreach volunteers, and mental health providers, including clinical psychologists and social workers, in the tools of yoga therapy for 22 years. She is a student and scholar of yoga with 27 years of professional teaching experience and 30 years of yogic study. From her extensive background, Sarahjoy created “amrita yoga”, a form of vinyasa yoga that integrates Ayurveda, mindfulness, neuroscience, yoga philosophy and psychology, pranayama, and physical therapy. She also created Yoga + Social Justice integrating yoga, mindfulness, trauma-informed care, personal, intergenerational + cultural inquiry, and bringing yoga into the marginalized communities including Oregon’s prison system.